Cool new tools at

So here’s what I learned at Norris Library this morning about new stuff at PubMed:

You can save searches, set up email alerts, RSS feeds, and all kinds of new things in MyNCBI once you get an account, which only takes two minutes.

Note: I did not make this video.

NCBI Insights Blog.

~&~ AND ~&~

“PubMed Commons enables authors to share opinions and information about scientific publications in PubMed.”
PubMed Commons (Yowza!) Non-authors can read the comments, but can’t comment (thank goodness).

Note: I did not make this video. It’s not a tutorial but a description of how PubMed Commons post-publication peer review works and why it’s important.

Meet PubMed Commons from the PubMed Commons Blog.

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How to become more productive at work

Note: I didn’t make this video.

“A clip from Bob Pozen the author of “Extreme Productivity” on how to optimize your time, be more efficient and block out the noise of today’s technological world!”
How to become more productive at work

Also see Inbox Zero

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Reasonwell: Constructive Online Debate

Note: I didn’t make this video.

Why and How

“Public debate on important issues is fragmented, scattered all over the web. What if there was a place that structured the arguments and evidence on all sides of any issue, global or local, where you could add your voice in a meaningful way?

“Reasonwell can be a clearinghouse of the best arguments for and against any contentious proposition, and of the flaws in commonly cited arguments; a platform for political groups and commentators to expose their positions and reasoning for greater transparency; an in-depth resource for journalists; a place to encourage critical thinking, and to strengthen a democracy based on issues, ideas and evidence.

“Public debate on Reasonwell is free.”

I like their sign-in protocol a lot.

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NIH Financial Conflict of Interest webinar

August (2012) FCOI Webinar Now Online

Transcript ~/&/~ Slides ~/&/~ MP4

NIH Financial Conflict of Interest (scroll down the sidebar for the FCOI training webinars)

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Note: I didn’t make this video.

readfast_homepage from Sasha Katsnelson on Vimeo.

“We teach people to read faster, and better. Share what you’re reading, see what your friends are reading, and test yourself.”

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Google Research Tool

Google Research Tool is a simple way to cite internet pages within a Google Docs document. It’s less complicated and complex than Mendeley and Endnote, but still very useful for preliminary research or research on the fly. It’s a cloud based interface, so you can work wherever you are as long as the cloud is working.

Google Research Tool slides (pdf)

Google Research Tool

Questions? Ask Ginger.

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Edanz Journal Advisor

EdanzJournalAdvisor is a free online tool that helps you find the right journal for your paper based on the abstract and other factors.

Edanz Journal Advisor slides (pdf)

Questions? Ask Ginger.

Update August 21, 2012: Jane (Journal/Author Name Estimator) is a less complex interface that does almost the same thing, but not as well.

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Power Searching with Google, July 10-23, 2012

A short course on becoming a great internet searcher

Google Search makes it amazingly easy to find information. Come learn about the powerful advanced tools we provide to help you find just the right information when the stakes are high.

Course Details

Power Searching with Google is a free online, community-based course showcasing search techniques and how to use them to solve real, everyday problems. It features:

Six 50-minute classes.
Interactive activities to practice new skills.
Opportunities to connect with others using Google Groups, Google+, and Hangouts on Air.
Upon passing the post-course assessment, a printable Certificate of Completion will be emailed to you.
Power Searching with Google, June 27, 2012

This course is free! Yay!

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Save and Search

Note: I didn’t make this video.

Save and Search.

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Inbox Zero talk at Google

Note: I didn’t make this video.

Not exactly a tutorial, but too good not to post.

Merlin Mann
Inbox Zero
Video; Audio; Webpage
Google Tech Talk

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GetHopper lets you easily save, email, link, annotate anything from anywhere.

GetHopper slides (pdf)


Questions? Ask Ginger.

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Word2007 Table set-up

Open Word 2007.
Click on the Insert tab.
Click on Table box under it.
Either drag your mouse over the squares
Click on Insert Table.
Put the number of columns and rows in the boxes.
Click OK.

PowerPoint slides or pdf mini tutorial.

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Note: I didn’t make this video.

dotEPUB is software in the cloud that allows you to convert any webpage into an e-book.
For content consumers (readers), we have developed a bookmarklet (or favlet) for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Opera. And, if you are a Google Chrome user, you can install the dotEPUB extension in your browser.
For content producers (editors, authors), we offer a widget. See the tips for webmasters. For more customizable results, developers can use our API.

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Recursive Drawing

Note: I didn’t make this video.

Recursive Drawing

I don’t completely understand this, but I think it’s very cool.

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Note: I didn’t make this video.

A highlighter for the Internet. That’s the best way in which we could define this new web tool. If you’re a student or a person who’s researching just any kind of topic online then you can use this application in to highlight all the content that is worth capturing. You do that as if you were highlighting a book, really. But the difference is that the content is going to be organized as quickly and intuitively as only a web app would make it possible. All you highlight will become accessible from one central location. It will all go into a virtual notebook that you can access whenever you’re writing. You’ll view all the highlights you’ve made, and then use them in your own work. A citation page will be automatically created for you.
And sharing the best notes is something that can be done in a couple of clicks. So, Citelighter lends itself both to students who are doing individual research, and to groups of students that are working together.

Citelighter How It Works from saad alam on Vimeo.

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Writeboad is useful for mapping out information and ideas when your team can’t all be in the same conference room at the same time.

Writeboard slides (pdf)


Questions? Ask Ginger.
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Ta-Da List

Ta-da List is the web’s easiest to-do list tool. Make lists for yourself or share them with others.

Ta-Da List slides (pdf)

Ta-Da List

Questions? Ask Ginger.
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Evernote is an excellent way to “clip” and bookmark webpages and information on the web quickly, easily and on the go. It’s also the best online note making tool I’ve ever found. Here’s what they say about themselves:

“Our goal at Evernote is to give everyone the ability to easily capture any moment, idea, inspiration, or experience whenever they want using whichever device or platform they find most convenient, and then to make all of that information easy to find. And we’ve done just that. From creating text and ink notes, to snapshots of whiteboards and wine labels, to clips of webpages, Evernote users can capture anything from their real and digital lives and find it all anytime.”

Evernote slides (pdf)

Questions? Ask Ginger

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Google Reader

Helps you keep up with internet reading.

No Password Google Reader Tutorial slides (pdf)

Google Reader

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Mendeley Citation Manager

Mendeley is a free reference manager and collaboration tool that can help you organize your citations, insert citations and format them in Word documents with one or two mouse clicks, collaborate with others working on the same document, and make the whole citation/bibliography situation faster, neater and easier. And it’s kind of fun, too.

Here are videos of how to use it. One big video (12 minutes) and five shorter videos of each section that make up the big video:

How to Mendeley

How to Mendeley slides (pdf)

Part 1. Getting Registered

Part 1 slides (pdf)

Part 2. Working with Mendeley Web

Part 2 slides (pdf)

Part 3. Citing and Bibliographies in MS Word

Part 3 slides (pdf)

Part 4. Collaborating in Mendeley

Part 4 slides (pdf)

Part 5. More Collaborating

Part 5 slides (pdf)

Questions? Ask Ginger. Thanks.

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